Imagine going from managing a multimillion-dollar company to whiling your days away in federal prison. For Michael Lowecki, it seems like a nightmare, but it is his reality.  

Lowecki is living his dream life. His landscaping business has made him a multimillionaire, and he has a wife and two children he absolutely adores. The dream swiftly and shockingly turns into this nightmare.  

After an FBI probe, Lowecki is federally indicted and sent to Leavenworth, Kansas, to serve his prison term. Lowecki has read up on life in prison, but nothing could have prepared him for the actual experience. He encounters unbelievable violence and even death as Prisoner #18099-424. Both the guards and his fellow inmates have the power to make his life a living hell. At the same time, Lowecki’s wife and children are facing their own challenges.  

Learn how Lowecki survives his prison sentence and follow him back out into the real world. Lowecki may be free, but he finds himself in a different kind of prison. In this intense memoir, he chronicles his life both on the inside and on the outside of the penitentiary system.

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