This was no “Leatherman” doin’ the YMCA!


The camp clerk was a real flamer named Hector, better known in prison as a “bone smuggler”, or the submissive one in a homosexual act. He was the bitchy inmate who gave the orientation in the clothing area that afternoon. The camp clerk was privy to much of the operations inside the prison, including: the timing of when goods were coming into the kitchen and commissary, who was going home, who was being released to the US Marshal for testimony in upcoming trials, and who was on their way to Leavenworth. Well, Hector was on the Chicago crew’s payroll so to speak. He gave them information so they got first dibs on food items and other condiments hitting the prison black market. They also knew who was coming and going before anyone else in the camp, which reinforced their rank. In turn I’m sure Hector was getting duked – oh, excuse the pun − no way were Vic and Rocco “light in the loafers”, but little Nicki, you never know.

Excerpt from my book: Pay To Play

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