Boss Hog

Several inmates eyed our entourage through open windows before we entered into the control center of the prison. Inside the control center a guard sitting behind several TV monitors removed the cap from a Mountain Dew bottle and took a big gulp. He slowly screwed the cap back on and belched loudly; leaned forward and gazed intently at the screen to his left.

Boss Hog 

“Motherfuckers, I’m gonna lock someone up tonight,” he said, turning in his chair toward us. 

He stood up and pulled the back of his pants up with one hand, tucking in the front of his shirt with the other hand behind a hidden belt buckle under his protruding gut. He grabbed a clipboard from the top of the desk and flipped over the top page.  

“Who’s Lawiski?” he growled.

Excerpt from my book: Pay To Play


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