Prison Ink!

I suspected he was not new to the system by the way he was dressed. His garments were identical to mine, right down to those dreadful shoes. But the way he looked told a different story than mine. 

Prison Ink

He was wearing a plain gray stocking cap pulled down below his eyebrows. His shirt sleeves were neatly rolled up to just below his elbows exposing monstrous forearms. The veins in his arms rose up sharply, similar to a mountain range on a topography map, and were black compared to his already dark skin. Only the top button on his shirt was secured and I could see the green ink of a tattoo under the shadowy skin on his neck slipping out above the collar. The rest of his shirt lay open exposing a massive chest under a plain white undershirt. His waist appeared slender and his pants were only partially covering his behind.

Excerpt from my book: Pay To Play


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