“Let’s get out of here,”

I eagerly waited for her to arrive, standing under a dim parking lot light, away from the glowing illumination of the prison behind me; away from the glum, grim and surly characters inside. The early morning air was still moist from the overnight rain.

I spotted the headlights signaling her arrival. Soon I could see her face through the front windshield, smiling at me with excitement. I opened the passenger door; the smell of her perfume filled my nose.

“Let’s get out of here,” she insisted, pulling away from my grasp. I’d noticed that she’d kept the car running. Smart move.

“You better believe it,” I sighed and glanced down, noticing her skirt bunched up at the top of her legs, exposing her smooth tan thighs. “I can’t wait to get you alone,” I said, trying to control my excitement.

“Oh my,” she said with a sheepish smile and shimmied in her seat, tugging the skirt neatly into place. She put the car in gear and drove off, leaving the United States Penitentiary and its harrowing memories behind us.

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