“Return With Honor”


So I sucked it up and stepped inside the doorway. The CO hinged the door lock, and under the monotonous fluorescent lighting I slipped off my party clothes. The CO didn’t say a word as I stepped out of my underwear, lifted up my private parts, turned around and bent over; spread my buttocks and coughed deeply a couple of times. I remembered the routine from the day I reported to prison. I performed it in sequence, depriving him the pleasure of verbally instructing me.

“Okay, put’em back on,” the CO nodded and continued to watch me from the corner of his eye while scribbling on his clipboard. He then unhinged the locked door and allowed me to exit the small office just inside the prison.

While waiting for the front bars to open, I looked up at the slogan printed across the iron girder for the guards as they left the Big House: “Leavenworth Pride”. No, I thought, “Return With Honor”. That has been my motto since the day I arrived.

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